Festiviteas - Elegant tea Party Catering
table setting relaxing tea

Your Tea Party Includes

  • Elegant China Service -
    Royal Doulton - Old Country Roses Pattern
  • Gold flatware, cloth napkins
  • Fresh baked scones
    with devonshire cream & jam
  • Assorted tea sandwiches
  • Hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries
    or Assorted Chocolates
  • Assortment of Teas
  • $35 per person

Prices subject to change without notice

We do all the pampering and preparation,
you relax!


(Choose one)

Apple & Raisin

Apple Ginger

Blueberry Oat Bran

Buttery Raisin w/ Walnuts

Cherry Apple

Cranberry Orange

Cranberry Nutmeg

Gingerbread Raisin

Honey Oat

Lemon Cream Cheese

Maple Pecan

Oatmeal Apple Cranberry

Old Fashioned Orange

Old Fashioned Lemon Cream


Pumpkin Ginger


Very Traditional English


Milk, Sugar cubes, Jam,
Devonshire Cream, & Lemon is included

chocolate covered strawberries - great for tea time

Hand dipped Chocolate covered strawberries in season or assorted chocolates will also be served.


Tea Sandwiches

(Choose up to 3 Tea Sandwiches)

Apple Waldorf Chicken Tea Sandwich

Apricot Ham Tea Sandwich

Cherry & Pecan Cream Cheese Tea Sandwich

Cranberry & Smoked Turkey Tea Sandwich

Cucumber Rosemary Herb Tea Sandwich

Ham & Apricot Preserves Tea Sandwich

Pineapple Cream Tea Sandwich

Shrimp Cream Cheese Spread Tea Sandwich

Salmon & Cream Cheese Tea Sandwich

Spring Radish Tea Sandwich

Traditional Egg Salad

Traditional Chicken Salad

Traditional Ham Salad

Traditional Tuna Salad

Walnut Sweet Cream Cheese Tea Sandwich

Choose from White,
Wheat, Rye, or Crackers
Sandwiches may be served open faced

Just invite your guests and we do the rest.
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